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Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene from our dental practice is in a class of its own. We strive to set the example with our outstanding hygienists, advanced equipment and comfortable care.

At Westdale Dental, you are the star of your hygiene appointment. Our dedicated team of hygienists, along with our dentists, evaluates your mouth and determines the best course for your cleaning. When necessary, we assess and track the risk of periodontal (gum) disease.

With these proactive procedures, you stand a better chance of avoiding or preventing periodontal disease that affects teeth, bone and gums. New research also shows periodontal disease may also affect or influence other health concerns.

Each patient has a unique set of needs. With that in mind, we will customize the frequency and type of cleaning that your situation requires.

After a hygiene cleaning from Westdale Dental, you will look forward to your next visit! We invite you to come in to see, feel and experience the difference.

Contact us to learn more about what all is involved in the process, or to schedule a consultation.

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